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my superior hoodia success story

Superior Hoodia 90s Success Story

Avoid Hoodia Scams

Genuine Hoodia Diet Aides:

1. Phenternin Diet 

  60 Minutes

" Imagine not being hungry all day without feeling side effects typical of diet pills, like a racing heart or queasy stomach."

Oprah Winfrey’s
“O” Magazine 

“Deep in the heart of Southern Africa’s Kalahari Desert may lie the secret to weight loss.”



" A new diet pill made from an African cactus is getting a lot of attention because those who've tried it say it takes away your hunger."


“Imagine this: an organic pill that kills the appetite and attacks obesity. It has no known side effects and contains a molecule that fools your brain into believing you are full.”


Discover the Secrets to True  Hoodia Weight Loss Success
Get the real Hoodia Facts: Read my personal Hoodia diet success story

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Hoodia Buying Tips:   What to watch out for when buying Hoodia

The Secret to Buying Authentic Hoodia for True Weight Loss Success

Use my personal tips for buying the best Hoodia diet aide for more potent weight loss results:

1.   Only buy from Hoodia diet aide stores with a USDA protected plant permit

2.   More legitmate Hoodia stores will have a toll free number for questions and order make sure there is a toll free number.   Avoid Hoodia stores without toll free number support.

3.   Avoid Hoodia diet patches like the plaque!   The FTC has completely disencourages consumers from even considering any weight loss patch.

4.   Beware: Never buy from any SPAM emails you receive in your mail box. " SPAM Hoodia eMails" are notorious for selling bogus Hoodia diet aides"

5.   Hoodia liquids made from extracts are likely doomed for diet failure at the very start, because Hoodia extraxcts reportedly do not work well when it comes to weight loss.   Rely on natural Hoodia supplement pills like Phenternin, the brand that worked best for me.

The 5 Mis-Truths Virtually Every Hoodia Maker will Claim...  Even the 'Honest' Ones!

#1   Our's is the only 100% Pure Hoodia diet aide!

While there are several companies that have permits to import hoodia make sure that your selected Hoodia diet product has a USDA protected plant permit!

#2   We provide sufficent Hoodia for weight loss!

Vitually all Hoodia products have low amounts of Hoodia of 200-400mg per dose.   In researching what amount of Hoodia is optimal, reports show that 2000-3000mg of daily Hoodia may likely be a more optimal dose.  

#3   Liquid Hoodia is " more effective" !  

After trying both liquid Hoodia and Hoodia diet pills I personally found the pills more effective.

#4 Hoodia diet aides should have NO " Other Ingredients" !

While there should be no fillers/additives that serve to reduce the amount of actual hoodia in a serving there must be other non-active ingredients required to preserve the Hoodia for your later use. However, Green Tea is not a preservative and the FDA has ruled that no health claims may be made concerning Green Tea.

#5   Save money with our Hoodia diet aide!

Real Hoodia is very expensive thus inepensive Hoodia diet products are more likely than not to be bogus.

Sources of Genuine Real Hoodia That I Found After Months of Research!

There are genuine real hoodia productss out there, with real and potent Hoodia weight loss diet aides that work.

More and more dieters are finding legitimate Hoodia weight loss products to supress their appetites and lose weight. Hoodia worked for the Sans Bushmen for generations, and when taken an an effective dose can work for you too.

Moreover if I can lose weight with the Phenternin diet, so can you!   It is undeniable that Hoodia will stop your appetite cold, and give you the opportunity to lose weight without starving yourself.   That's clearly why Hoodia is a top selling diet aide in the weight loss market  today.

But, Hoodia diet aides' performance is clearly based on factors that include:

A) From my personal experience and research I've seen, indicate that a sufficent Hoodia dose is critical coupled with 100% pure Hoodia.   I achieved my personal best performance with an  750mg single dose and 2000mg+ daily dose.

B) I've observed that blended Hoodia diet products tened to reduce the overall amount of Hoodia in a product reducing its potenatial for weight loss.

In the end, that's why
Phenternin with more Hoodia performed best for me.

Get the Real Deal - Real Hoodia Buying Tips:

Protect yourself against deceptive Hoodia marketing practices ask these questions before you buy any Hoodia diet aide:

1) Does the Hoodia diet product web site have a USDA protected plant import permit?

2) Does this Hoodia diet product have at least 750mg of certified Hoodia per pill with 2000mg daily dose of Hoodia?

3) Does the Hoodia diet aide contain other unnecessary blended ingredients with side effects (stimulants like caffiene, green tea, Advantra Z [which is a form of caffine], etc.)?

Incredibly, to the best of my research virtually none of the national chain stores brands have passed testing by an independent laboratory.   Here is the rare occasion where buying online is likely your best option with retail stores free pressure to sell of the shelfs quickly as possible.

Genuine Hoodia Diet Aides:

1. Phenternin Diet 

Best of luck on your weight loss journey.   And thank you for visiting my site.


Hoodia Before / After Photos    |   Real Hoodia TradeMarks   |   Hoodia Buying Tips   |   Phenternin

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